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Open Access Ebooks (Part 1)


Welcome, reader of Digital Scholarly Editing: Theories and Practices! And thanks for visiting to complete this survey, part of a research project to understand how open access ebooks are discovered and how readers use them. For more information, please see the project description.

As Open Access publishers, Open Book Publishers are truly committed to making academic research broadly accessible - so we want to understand how people like you are actually accessing and using our Open Access titles.

We have a bunch of questions for you (well - only 10 actually) about how you found this book and what you’re going to do with it. Please tell us the things you think are interesting or relevant. We really want to know!

[Privacy policy: There are no marketing traps, we’re not going to spy on you or swamp you with emails afterwards, or tell our “friends” about you - we’re just going to store your answers to create a database of usage examples that can be used to understand what Open Access publishing enables. A report of the results will be made available in July 2017 ]