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Network of Killers Entangles Readers in the Complex World of Criminals and Their Shifting Alliances

The new crime thriller by author D. B. Reynolds offers readers a view into the dark world of gangsters and the lawmen who challenge their illegal activities.

Network of Killers is the new breakaway thriller by D. B. Reynolds. It tells the story about a Chicago and Kansas City criminal enterprise and an FBI Task Force assigned to take them down. What inspired D. B. to write Network of Killers was his experience while growing up in an impoverished and crime-infested section of Kansas City that was controlled by Italian, Irish, Jewish, and Black racketeers. These very racketeers were able to establish the clear objectives of making money, exercising power, and minimizing bloodshed within reason. His inspiration to continue and complete the novel only escalated.

He later learned that his father became involved with major crimes throughout Kansas City and parts of Chicago. Through research, D. B. became aware that his father filled up criminal rap sheets for robbery, burglary, larceny, prostitution, gas rationing, bootlegging, and illegal Teamsters Union affairs.

“Learning that my father was a lifelong, career criminal who was connected with top gangsters, prompted me to write a crime thriller that hit close to home,” D. B. would often explain to family, friends, and associates. “I also decided to pull a chapter out of Kansas City history and revisit a period when Mafiosos were locked into a violent struggle for money and turf in a war zone known as River Quay.”

"If you love non-stop action and crime, with a hint of mystery and intrigue, then you will enjoy this book."                                                                                      

                                                                            -------------Palmetto Book Reviewers"

"Hard-core Mafia fans will appreciate the gunplay between the mobsters and their enemies."

                                                                            -------------Kirkus Book Reviewers

Movies such as The Godfather and Casino, in which true-life characters like Vito Corleone and Nicky Santoro mention the Kansas City Mafia, adds credibility to the story. Network of Killers stands apart from many other books about crime, whether fiction or non-fiction, in which readers will explore a story that’s never been told. They will read about fresh characters and locations and dialogues. From both research and personal knowledge, D. B. has created a novel that incorporates the fundamentals of corruption, betrayal, greed, and sex, which ties into a criminal network where killing is just business-as-usual.      



Richard drove into his garage after spending a long night at one of the local bars. While sipping on a frosty beer held with one hand, he shut the engine off with the other hand. Before the garage door closed completely, three masked men rushed inside with rope, knives, pistols, and handguns. Just as he took the key out of the ignition, two of the hired assasins simultaneously jerked open both doors. The assassin on the driver’s side wrapped a thick bull’s rope around Richard’s fragile neck.

     The assassin on the passenger’s side grabbed the other end of the lengthy rope. Both assassins pulled against one another. Violently and aggressively, they played a serious game of tug-of-war. The oxygen-deprived face of Richard had turned a purplish color. A recollected terror filled his eyes. Regurgitated beer shot from his turbulent stomach and sprayed the middle of the windshield. The foamy beer oozed down onto the dashboard. Mucous as thick as paste blasted from both of his nostrils.

     “Only dirty motherfuckers steal from their friends!” barked one of the assassins.

     “You pushed your luck over the edge, Richie!” bellowed the other assassin, still jerking the rope from the passenger’s side.

     “You hit us with a low blow, motherfucker!” rumbled the assassin, still on the other end of the rope, pulling harder than ever.

     “How does it feel, Richie boy?”

     “Yeah, how does it feel?”

     “Something wrong? Cat got your tongue?”

     “You stinking piece of turd!”

     “Nobody steals from us.”

     “You pitiful pukebag!”

     “Nobody dips into union funds without the boss’s okay.”

     Richard tried pulling the rope from around his neck. His efforts were useless. Before all life was squeezed out of him, the third assassin pulled a big hunting knife out of his waistband. Savagely, he sliced Richard’s throat and stabbed him multiple times in the chest. An incision the shape of a V had been made across his stomach. Mists of fine pinkish blood sprayed onto the windshield and across the leather seats. Bloody intestinal organs dropped onto the floor near his feet. His bloodshot eyes rolled with fear. His heart pumped closer to death. A bluish discoloration formed around his torso. It was far too late for Richard to think about siphoning off union money for his own needs. It was much too late for him to plead his case about stealing from men who were fair with him.

     When they felt all life had left the body of Richard, the two assassins released the rope from their respective ends. To send their own message of terror, the hired executioners used their pistols to blast away at his already lifeless corpse. Shattered glass popped from every direction. Bullets from their weapons punctured his body. One of the assassins planted his pistol into his left eye. Instantly, his eyeball was blown right out of the socket. Both Delaney brothers were now dead from execution-style murders. 

About the author

D. B. Reynolds is an author, screenwriter, freelance writer, computer expert, and a chartered member of The Writer’s Place and The Writer’s Lab. Many stories that he has written about organized crime figures were published in local newspapers and magazines. While growing up in Kansas City, Missouri, D. B. had first-hand knowledge about gangsters and corrupt politicians who controlled every aspect of daily living in the city. He currently resides in Kansas City, Missouri.

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