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Getting Started

If you're an author, publisher, or other rights holder, you can participate more fully in by registering as a rights holder. Registered rights holders can:

  • Add books to the database.
  • Set metadata and descriptions for their books.
  • Create campaigns for their books.

Your Books/Campaigns

If you were a registered rights holder with, you'd be able to see and manage your campaigns here.

Registering Your Rights

  1. Set up an account. (Click here or use the Sign Up button at the top of the page).
  2. Sign a Platform Services Agreement. uses to manage rights holder agreements. If you have any questions, ask us.
  3. Claim your work(s) or send us metadata for books you have rights to.

    Claiming a work

    If your book is indexed in Google books, we can add it to our database automagically. Click on the result list to add your book to our database.

    • Use the Claim option on the More... tab of each book's page.
    • Agree to our Terms on the following page. This includes agreeing that you are making the claim in good faith and can substantiate that you have legal control over worldwide electronic rights to the work.
    • If you have any questions or you claim a work by mistake, email us.
    • We will review your claim. We may contact you at if we have any questions. If this is the wrong email address, please change the email address for your account.

    Entering a work

    If your book is not in Google books, you'll need to enter the metadata yourself.

    • Use this form to enter the metadata.
    • Your ebooks must have ISBNs or OCLC numbers assigned.
    • Your metadata should have title, authors, language, description.
    • If you have a lot of books to enter, contact us to load ONIX or CSV files for you.
  4. Set up a campaign. All the campaigns you can manage will be listed on this page, above.

About Campaigns

If you have already released your work under a Creative Commons license, you need to use a "Thanks for Ungluing" campaign. If you have an EPUB file ready to sell, you should use a "Buy to Unglue" campaign. Otherwise, you'll want to offer rewards in a "Pledge-to-Unglue" campaign.

Thanks-for-Ungluing Campaigns

Thanks-for-Ungluing is a program designed to help rights holders promote and monetize their Creative Commons licensed books. Rights holders participating in the Thanks-for-Ungluing program can request payment for their books on a pay-what-you-want basis. They can also set suggested prices as well as metadata and descriptions for books that they claim.

Buy-to-Unglue Campaigns

Buy-to-Unglue is a program that sells ebook licenses to reach the campaign goal. To enable ebook sales, you'll need to upload an epub file for each book. There are no “rewards” for a “Buy to Unglue” campaign, but you may offer time-limited, special price promotions for the ebook.

A Buy-to-Unglue Campaign provides long-term promotion and sales opportunities for your ebook before it becomes an Unglued Ebook. Until the revenue goal is reached, supporters and libraries know that every book that gets purchased through brings the ungluing date closer to the present.

Pledge-to-Unglue Campaigns

For Pledge campaigns, you can run campaigns for books that haven't been converted to digital. Any print book can be scanned to create a digital file that can then become an ePub-format unglued ebook to be released after the Pledge Campaign succeeds.


Campaigns run for a short period (2-6 months) and can have rewards as a way to motivate and thank supporters for helping to reach your goal. You are strongly encouraged to add rewards - they are given special prominence on the campaign page.

What should you add as rewards? Anything (legal) that you think you can reasonably deliver that will get supporters excited about the book. For example: other books, whether electronic or physical; artwork or multimedia relating to the book, its author, or its themes; in-person or online chats with the author; memorabilia.

Acknowledgements for Pledge Campaigns

Here are the standard acknowledgements. These automatically combine with your rewards. For example, if you offer a $30 reward, ungluers who pledge $30 will receive the $25 acknowledgement as well.

  • Any amount — The unglued ebook
  • $25 and above — Their name in the acknowledgements section under "supporters"
  • $50 and above — Their name & profile link under "benefactors"
  • $100 and above — Their name, profile link, & a dedication under "bibliophiles"

More Questions

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