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For Rights Holders

Becoming Authorized

What do I need to do to become a Rights Holder on
To start a campaign, you need to be a verified rights holder who has signed a Rights Holder Agreement with us.

Start by visiting the Rights Holders Tools page.You'll sign our Rights Holder Agreement (RHA) and learn about our various programs.
I haven't signed an agreement, but my books are listed on What's going on?
If your book is listed on, it's either because an user has indicated some interested in the book, or it's because we've determined that your book is already available with a free license.
Can I run more than one campaign?
You can run campaigns for as many, or as few, titles at a time as you like.

Claiming Works

How can I claim a work for which I am a rights holder?
On every book page there is a More... tab. If you have a signed Rights Holder Agreement on file, one of the options on the More... tab will be "Claim This Work". If you represent more than one rights holder, choose the correct one for this work and click "Claim".

If the book is not already in or in Google Books, you'll need to enter the metadata for the book by hand or work with us to load the data from a spreadsheet or Onix file.
  • Use this form to enter the metadata.
  • Your metadata should have title, identifiers, authors, language, description.
  • If you have a lot of books to enter, contact us to load ONIX or CSV files for you.

If you expect to see a "Claim" button and do not, either we do not have a RHA from you yet, or we have not yet verified and filed it. Please contact us at
Where can I find a campaign page?
If you're looking for a specific book, search for it. The book's page becomes a campaign page when its campaign starts. Your bookmarks and widgets for that book will still work.

If you want to find an interesting campaign and don't have a specific book in mind, see the Explore sidebar (on almost any page except the FAQs) for some of our favorites.

Running Campaigns

What do I need to create a campaign?
First, you need to be an authorized rights holder. To get authorized, sign a Rights Holder Agreement. Please contact if you have any questions. Once we have approved your Agreement, you'll be able to claim works and you'll have access to tools for launching and monitoring campaigns.
Can I raise any amount of money I want?
You can set any goal that you want in a Campaign. But don't be ridiculous! cannot guarantee that a goal will be reached. Also, Campaigns with excessive goals will not be eligible for support via donations.
What should I include in my campaign page?
Show the world why we should love your book. What makes it powerful, intriguing, moving, thought-provoking, important? How does it capture readers' imaginations, engage their minds, or connect to their emotions? Remind readers who loved the book why they loved it, and give people who haven't read it reasons they want to.

Pledge Campaigns

What should I offer as premiums for a Pledge Campaign?
Anything you think will get ungluers excited about supporting your work. Think about things that uniquely represent yourself or the work, that are appealing, and that you can deliver quickly and within your budget. For example, authors could consider offering Skype sessions as premiums for libraries or schools that might want to plan an event around the unglued book. And, of course, physical or digital editions of your other books are always popular.
What can be offered as a premium? What items are prohibited as premiums?
You can offer anything you are capable of delivering, so long as it is not illegal or otherwise restricted in the United States. For instance, your premiums may not include alcohol, drugs, or firearms. For full details, consult our Terms of Use.
Is my campaign eligible for charitable donation support?
The Free Ebook Foundation may provide support for some campaigns using donations. These campaigns are subject to the following guidelines:
  1. Proceeds of a campaign must not benefit a candidate for political office and books to be unglued shall not be primarily aimed at influencing legislation.
  2. Proceeds of a campaign must not benefit organizations or individuals subject to regulation by the US Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control.
  3. Books to be unglued with Foundation support should clearly benefit the public at large - by advancing scholarship and learning, spreading scientific knowledge, achieving artistic, literary or cultural goals, educating students, promoting literacy and reading, documenting history, meeting the needs of underserved communities, raising awareness and understanding of the world around us.
  4. The amount of support requested should be limited to the reasonable costs of producing the book and procuring associated rights. When a campaign is offered using a license with a “non-commercial” restriction, it is expected that the rights holders will bear part of these expenses themselves. When the campaign beneficiary is not a US-based non-profit, documentation of expenses may be requested.
Who is responsible for making sure a rights holder delivers premiums?
The rights holder.
How can I get my supporters' information (mailing address, T-shirt size, etc.) to fulfill premiums? will share supporters' emails and the premiums they are owed with rights holders if, and only if, a campaign succeeds. Campaign managers can also message supporters via the website. If you need additional information to fulfill premiums, you may email ungluers directly. Rights holders are required to comply with the privacy policy.
How can supporters contact me?
If you'd like supporters to contact you directly, please set your contact email address in the campaign management area.
What is my responsibility for answering questions from supporters and non-supporters?
It's up to you. However, our experience watching and running crowdfunding campaigns suggests that you'll do best if you're engaged, prompt, and personable. In fact, don't just think in terms of answering questions (though you should absolutely do that) -- think about cultivating and contributing to the conversation.

Adding Media to a Campaign

How to add video

We strongly encourage you to include video that communicates directly with your supporters. To add a video:

  • Upload it to YouTube.
  • Underneath the video, click Share, then Embed.
  • In the embed options: click Use HTTPS.
  • In the Custom sizing area, enter a width of 445.
  • In the editor toolbar below, click Source.
  • Copy/paste the embed code from YouTube into your campaign below.
  • Click Source again to get back to the normal editing mode.

You'll see an IFRAME code in the editor where your video will go. The video will display normally on your campaign page.

Prefer screencasts? Here you go: how to embed a video in your campaign page.

How to add a PDF

This assumes that you have a (free) Google account.

  • Upload your PDF to Google Drive.
  • Click on the Share button.
  • Change the visibility to public on the web and click Save, then Done.
  • In the File menu, click the Embed this PDF option.
  • Copy the HTML code that pops up.
  • In the editor toolbar below, click Source.
  • Paste the HTML code from Google Drive in the box below.
  • Find the part of the code that says something like
    and change that to
  • Click Source again to get back to the normal editing mode.

You'll see an IFRAME code in the editor where your PDF will go. The PDF will display normally on your campaign page.

Prefer screencasts? Here: how to embed a PDF in your campaign page (screencast)

Publicizing Campaigns

Can I contact my supporters directly?
Yes, when you're logged in as a campaign manager, you can contact supporters directly via the ungluers tab. You can also enter comments which are delivered to every supporter who hasn't opted out of comments.

We don't get other contact information, except as needed to fulfill premiums after successful campaigns. Supporters may voluntarily disclose certain contact information on their profile pages. We encourage you to be thoughtful in your use of this information.
How do I get feedback from supporters or fans about my campaign?
Ask them!

Also, pay attention to places they're talking about your campaign. This might be the Comments tab, a hashtag on social media, the comments section of your blog, a forum on your web site, your Facebook page, et cetera. You can use your campaign pitch to point them to these spaces, too. Read them regularly to see what people are saying, and to participate in the conversation.
How do I share my campaign?
On every campaign page, you can generate an HTML widget that you can embed wherever you like. It will automatically be updated with your campaign's progress. There are also links to share the page via email and social networks.

Have other ways you want to share? Your own blog, newsletter, or social media presence? Your friends, and their friends? Professional associations? Media contacts? Go for it!

Need more ideas? We're happy to work with rights holders personally to craft a campaign strategy.
How can I get my campaign featured on the home page or the Explore menu pages?
We automatically generate those lists from the books with the most (or most recent) wishes, pledges, and comments. The more people you can rally to show their love of your book, the more likely it is to be featured there.

Ebook Conversion

I am a copyright holder. Do I need to already have a digital file for a book I want to unglue?
For a Buy-to-Unglue Campaign, yes, you'll need to upload an EPUB file for each book. For Pledge Campaigns, no, you may run campaigns for books that exist only in print copies or are out of print. Any print book can be scanned to create a digital file that can then become an EPUB-format unglued ebook. For Thanks-for-Ungluing campaigns, you can use EPUB, MOBI, pdf and html files.
Will scan books and produce EPUB files?
No. We can help you find third parties who will contract for conversion services.
Will raise money to help pay for conversion costs?
A Pledge campaign target should include conversion costs. For a Buy-to-Unglue and Thanks-for-Ungluing campaigns, you'll need to have pre-existing files.
What are the requirements for my ebook files?
  • For Thanks-For-Ungluing Campaigns, the rightsholder is responsible for providing valid, high-quality EPUB, MOBI, and PDF files.
  • For Buy-To-Unglue Campaigns and Pledge Campaigns ebook files should use the EPUB standard format format according to best practice at time of submission. At minimum, the files should pass the epubcheck tool. Exceptions will be made for content requiring more page layout than available in prevailing EPUB implementations; in those cases, the files will usually be PDF.
  • The file should have no more than 0.2 typographical or scanning errors per page of English text.
  • The file shall contain front matter which includes the following:
    • a list of ISBNs of other editions of the work
    • For Pledge Campaigns only
      1. the Creative Commons license selected for the campaign, formatted in accordance with best practices at, and a statement that for the purposes of the license, "Non-Commercial" use shall include, but not be limited to, the distribution of the Work by a commercial entity without charge.
      2. an acknowledgement of Ungluers of the work, formatted in accordance with the premium descriptions on the Campaign page.
      3. The logo
      4. the text “CC edition release enabled by users” (including the hyperlink to the site)
    • For Buy-To-Unglue Campaigns, the platform will embed a personalized licensed statement into front matter for each delivered file
  • The cover graphic shall match any description given in the Campaign.
  • Any graphics which must be excluded from the released ebook shall be specified in the description given in the campaign.


What parameters are required for a campaign?
For a Pledge Campaign, you'll need to set funding goal and deadline. For a Buy-to-Unglue Campaign, you'll need a revenue goal and an initial effective date for the Creative Commons License. You'll also need to set prices for each type of license you plan to offer. For a Thanks-for-Ingluing campaign, you just need to decide on a suggested contribution.
Can I change my funding/revenue goal?
While a campaign is in progress you may lower, but not raise, your funding or revenue goal.
Can I change my deadline in a Pledge Campaign?
Can I change the price for an ebook I'm offering for purchase?
Are contributions refundable? contributions are non-refundable. Once a campaign succeeds, supporters' credit cards will be charged the full amount of their pledge. However, they will not be charged until, and unless, the campaign succeeds. Before that time they may modify or cancel their pledges without charge. Buy-to-Unglue license purchases are not returnable or refundable by, but rights holders need to keep customers happy with respect to the products they buy, as customers are free to post comments on the work page. Donations are not refundable.
What if an ungluer contests a charge?
Ungluers may contest charges, either with the payment processor or with their credit card issuer. is not liable for this and rights holders are liable for any pledge chargebacks. We encourage rights holders to provide clear, timely communication to their supporters throughout the campaign to ensure they remember what they pledged to and why.
What happens if a supporter's credit card is declined?
Although credit cards are authorized at the time of pledging, a small percentage of cards will get voided between the time of authorization and the time the credit card is actually charged. Rights holders are responsible for any funding shortfall due to voided credit cards.
What happens if a buyer wants a refund?
Our policy is for 100% supporter satisfaction. We may hold back a 30% reserve for 90 days to cover possible customer refunds.
Can I offer tax deductions to people who pledge to my campaign?
If you are a 501(c)3 or similar, please consult your own attorneys and accountants about the tax deductibility of ungluers' pledged. Donations to the Free Ebook Foundation are tax deductible in the USA; rights holders are not involved.
How do I know when I have started fundraising? will be in communication with you about when campaigns should go live. On your rights holder tools page, you will be able to see all works you have claimed and the status of any associated campaigns.
When and how will I be paid?
  • For Pledge Campaigns: After we reach the threshold price will issue you a closing memo, which will cover your gross and net proceeds. will hold the proceeds until you deliver an EPUB file meeting's quality standards, at which point will send you a check. If does not receive a suitable EPUB file within 90 days, we will deduct conversion costs from your funds and release the rest to you.
  • For Buy-to-Unglue Campaigns and Thanks-for-Ungluing Campaigns: We make payments quarterly to rights holders who have accrued more than $100 in earnings. If we are able to set you up with ACH transfers, we will send payments more frequently. 70% of earnings accrue immediately; the rest accrues after 90 days.
What happens if my campaign reaches its funding goal before its deadline? Can campaigns raise more money than their goal?
Campaigns are scheduled to close at midnight Eastern (US) time of the day when they hit their funding threshold. They may continue to accrue pledges/sales up to that time, including funding past their goal.
What happens if my Pledge Campaign doesn't reach its funding goal by its deadline?
The campaign ends. Supporters' credit cards are not charged, so you are not paid and not obligated to release an unglued ebook.

If you're concerned a campaign may not reach its goal you have several options. You can lower the target price to a level more likely to succeed. Or you are welcome to run a second campaign at a later time, perhaps with a different goal, duration, and publicity strategy. We'd be happy to consult with you about this.
What happens if my Buy-to-Unglue Campaign doesn't reach its revenue goal by its termination?
Every sale moves a books ungluing date towards the present, and the ungluing date achieved survives the termination of your Buy-to-Unglue Campaign.
Is there a minimum funding goal?
Yes, the minimum funding goal is $500.
What fees does charge in a Fundraising Campaign?
Fees and terms for each type of campaign are detailed on the program terms page.
Does it cost money to start a campaign on
Will I receive a 1099-K tax form?
Yes, will issue you one as required by law.


If I am an author with my book still in print, can I still start a campaign to unglue it?
This depends entirely on your original contract with your publisher. You should seek independent advice about your royalty clauses and the "Subsidiary Rights" clauses of your contract. The Authors' Guild provides guidance for its members.
If I am an author do I have to talk to my publisher or agent first?
It is your responsibility to get advice on the current status of any contracts you may have ever had for the right to publish your work, whether or not a book is in print now. Creative Commons licenses are media neutral and worldwide (English). You may need waivers from other parties who have exclusive licenses for this book.
If I am a publisher, but I do not have an ebook royalty in my contract, can I sign your Rights Holder Agreement?
We can't interpret your particular contract regarding subsidiary rights and your ability to use a Creative Commons license. Please seek qualified independent advice regarding the terms of your contract. In any event, you will also want the author to cooperate with you on a successful fundraising campaign, and you can work together to meet the warranties of the RHA.
Are the copyright holder, and the rights holder who is eligible to start an campaign, the same person?
Not necessarily. If you are the author and copyright holder but have a contract with a publisher, the publisher may be the authorized Rights Holder with respect to commercial rights, and they may be able to sign a licensing agreement on your behalf. Again, you must get advice about your individual contract, especially subsidiary rights clauses and exclusivity.
Can I offer a book to be unglued even if I cannot include all the illustrations from the print edition?
Yes. If permission to reprint cannot not be obtained for items such as photographs, drawings, color plates, as well as quotations from lyrics and poetry, we can produce an unglued edition which leaves them out. You must indicate the difference between the editions on your Campaign page.
What impact does ungluing a book have on the rights status of my other editions?
The Creative Commons licenses are non-exclusive. They will apply only to the unglued edition, not to the print, audio, or any other editions. They does not affect the rights status of those other editions. If you use the no-derivative, noncommercial license (CC BY-NC-ND), no one else may sell your book or make derivatives unless you give them permission to do so.
Can an unglued ebook be issued only in the US?
No. An unglued ebook is released to the world. It uses a Creative Commons license which is territory-neutral. That is, the unglued ebook can be read by anyone, anywhere in the world, subject always to the limitations of the license.