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This is actually my first book, about the wonderful world of synthetic viruses. I had read an article about how bio-engineering would allow scientists to work together in a kind of open source community, to conquer diseases much more efficiently than they do now... and I thought to myself: what happens when hackers get a hold of this? And so I wrote a story about a world where the poop has already hit the fan, and human society (which is a lot more resilient than people give it credit for) is finding a new "normal".

I wrote The Vector when I had this notion of being a Serious Writer, which (midway through Typhoon) I realized wasn't quite my style. This is darker, tougher, and has a denser feel than anything I've written since. But then, there are certain characters or moments that are very much the sillier me :)

I still love this book, and the way it came togther. I'd like to return to this style at some point, and maybe write the sequel I've had in my head for years... but for now, I'll let you discover why the Chinese survived the end of the world, and why Prague is a miserable place to die.

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