The State of the Pentateuch: A comparison of the approaches of M. Noth and E. Blum

The State of the Pentateuch: A comparison of the approaches of M. Noth and E. Blum

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Damian J. Wynn-William’s The State of the Pentateuch investigates the various approaches to investigating the origins of the Pentateuch. The basis of this study comes from the notion that in recent years, the Documentary Hypothesis, which states that the Pentateuch was derived from independent and parallel narratives, has been under constant scrutiny. Critics such as R. Rendtorff argue that the Documentary Hypothesis falls apart under examination and, in place, there should be an entirely new critical approach to the issue of the transmission of Pentateuchal tradition. Rendtorff proposes a “traditio-historical approach,” in which studies would begin the smallest individual units to trace the processes whereby the tradition was constructed. Through this volume, William investigates whether or not the traditio-historical approach does indeed amend the inaccuracies of the Documentary Hypothesis. By comparing two different analysis of the same text, one being the source-critical approach from the Documentary Hypothesis and the other, the tradition-historical approach, Williams will allow readers to assess whether or not critics such as Rendtorff are justified to point out the faults of the Documentary Hypothesis.

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  • Bible
  • Criticism, Form
  • Criticism, interpretation
  • Documentary hypothesis (Pentateuchal criticism)
  • Form Criticism


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