Semiotics of the Media: State of the Art, Projects, and Perspectives

Semiotics of the Media: State of the Art, Projects, and Perspectives

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Winfried Nöth’s Semiotics of the Media explores the relevance of semiotics in media studies and how that varies culturally. Divided into seven parts, this book provides a range of studies on the application of semiotics on media. Such studies include the processes one goes through in reconstructing and deconstructing the past in media, as well as how individuals interact within electronic networks. In applying semiotic theories common practices include looking at the structure and meaning of signs, the processes of their propagation and the consequent effects on the society in which they are presented. WIthin the diversity of semiotic approaches to media that this book presents is a goal to incorporate the nonverbal and cultural context of media messages to arrive at a general sociosemiotic theory on multimedial communication. In doing so, these various theories work toward answering the question that Nöth proposes: “Is there a semiotic approach to media”?

This collection provides an authoritative overview of Semiotics and Media at the end of the Twentieth Century. One of the most distinguished critics in the field, Nöth is currently developing a DAAD research project with Lucia Santaella on intercultural aspect of word-image relationships in the media in Brazil and Germany.

Winfried Nöth is Professor of Linguistics and Semiotics at the University of Kassel, Director of the Interdisciplinary Center for Cultural Studies of this university, Visiting Professor at the Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC), Honorary Member of the International Association for Visual Semiotics, and President of the German Association for Semiotic Studies.

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