Handbook of Amazonian Languages Vol. 4

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Mouton De Gruyter intends for Handbook of Amazonian Languages to promote academic studies on the grammatical structures of the languages of Amazonia. In the beginning stages this project, during the late 1970s, no one was studying Amazonian languages in a comprehensive manner: individuals were scattered across South America without a clear agenda. The contents of this volume point to improvements since then through its publication of various linguistic studies, which include: 10 grammatical sketches of languages from 8 different families (three Cariban and one each from Jê, Mura, Tupé-Guaraní, Peba-Yaguan, Yanomami, Arawan, and Arawakan families), 4 comparative studies (three on Arawakan and one on Tupí- Guaraní), 3 typologial studies on specific topics in languages from three different families (Tupí-Guaraní, Peba-Yaguan, and Paonan). These works serve as the stepping stone towards establishing a complete linguistic literature of the Amazonian basin.

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