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Jun 2, 2097 After Jun 2, 2097 this book will be available for free to anyone, anywhere. Every purchase before then brings that date closer.
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$428 to go $428 is the amount it would take to make this ebook free to the world tomorrow.

 What is Dave on Earth?

Dave on Earth is a comedy sci-fi fantasy book which will become a cult classic. It is about Dave who is a 43 stone flabby alien who comes from a race called Minervians:  who look like humans, but use fat as muscle and extra brain power and with his friends Bob: a transvestite grey alien, and Mad Malk the world’s most powerful psychic Mage they save the world.

Set Dave on Earth free

The book Dave on Earth suffers from a terrible condition PAPER. Set it free from this prison so that it can fly free through the internet as an eBook. Just give money and get the eBook and when there is enough money it will be available for free. Help Dave on Earth escape.

Help make it a series

Dave on Earth is a book which needs to become a series. Help me do this by donating money to this campaign.

Why unglue this book? Have your say.

(Dec. 15, 2019, 2:57 a.m.)
My name is Joel Echarri and I am interested in the financing of your project, if necessary please contact me by email at the following address:
(Oct. 5, 2013, 3:13 p.m.)
A fabulous book that really must be made free. It will become a cult classic.
(Oct. 4, 2013, 2:52 p.m.)
This book will become a cult classic and so should be unglued. It also needs unglueing so that it can form into a series of books.The book is about Dave a 42 stone flabbly but incredibly fit advanced alien his friends, Bob a transvestite grey alien and Mad Malk the worlds most powerful Mage save the world.

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A Buy-to-Unglue Campaign is running to unglue Dave on Earth!

The rights holder, Simon Mathew Robson , has agreed to release Dave on Earth to the world as a Creative Commons licensed ebook (CC BY-NC-ND) on June 2, 2097. For every copy that ungluers purchase, that date gets sooner. $428 of sales will unglue the book TODAY. You can help!

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