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Contact With Shadow


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Romance. Death by Frisbee. Molecular food. An incompetent bureaucrat and a wackedout Hollywood  producer. The history of pre-Linotype printing in Singapore....what more could you ask for in a book? 

“It’s a double pleasure to read this… First, there’s the joy of gleaning nuggets of knowledge about Singapore and the printed word hitherto unknown; and second, there’s the childlike wonder of never knowing what Stephen Black has in store for us on the next page.”
~ Ng Yi-Sheng
Playwright, recipient of the Singapore Literature Prize

Full of grief, Singaporean history, printing press lore and sweet memories of love, to read Contact With Shadow is to experience loss– and redemption.

The story: a Cambridge research student comes to Singapore to learn about the island’s pre-Linotype printing history. His wife, an amateur chef, is killed by lightning. Overwhelmed with a sense of loss, he struggles to write his thesis. More often than not, his words are about the woman he still loves. A bureaucratic “assistant” enters the picture, as does a Hollywood producer…
Contact With Shadow is an experience, not just a reading experience.

Contact With Shadow is a beautifully anarchic collage of historical facts and fiction rounded out with love. Spiky and tender, light-hearted and serious, it is informative, fun and moving – an unconventional love letter to a city that few take the time to get to know.

-Vikki Weston, professional editor
Ungluing this book is the best way to get it in front of the kind of readers that excite me. CWS is a trainwreck of genres, yet has a flow that an adventurous reader can follow. It is logical to enter CWS into this campaign; I feel the crowd here is as excited as I am about the possibilities of ebooks.
So, there ya go.... Contact With Shadow is an unusual book. If you've read this far, you'll probably like it. Thanks for your time and consideration.
Stephen Black
PS Selected excerpts are here.
PSS. CWS was likely the first Kickstarter project to be launched from Singapore. The print version didn't happen but the video for that can be seen here.
PSS An exhibition for CWS was held at one of Singapore's most interesting bookstores, Woods in the Books. Photos are here.

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