The Pyramid Web Framework

The Pyramid Web Framework


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Pyramid is a small, fast, down-to-earth Python web framework. It is developed as part of the Pylons Project. It is licensed under a BSD-like license.

This book is divided into three major parts:
  1. Narrative Documentation

    This is documentation which describes Pyramid concepts in narrative form, written in a largely conversational tone. Each narrative documentation chapter describes an isolated Pyramid concept. You should be able to get useful information out of the narrative chapters if you read them out-of-order, or when you need only a reminder about a particular topic while you’re developing an application.
  2. Tutorials

    Each tutorial builds a sample application or implements a set of concepts with a sample; it then describes the application or concepts in terms of the sample. You should read the tutorials if you want a guided tour of Pyramid.
  3. API Documentation

    Comprehensive reference material for every public API exposed by Pyramid. The API documentation is organized alphabetically by module name.
This is version 1.5.1; The Pyramid Documentation web page is on the Pylons project website.

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