Population of Loss

Population of Loss

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The Martian onslaught has crushed earth's mightiest empires and reduced the great achievements of civilization to poisoned rubble, but mankind still endures. 

From the ruins of England to the desolate American west, unexpected champions arise to confront a foe that has never yet known defeat, and the stakes are nothing less than the survival of the human race. 

Population of Loss, the first volume in the Martian War Chronicles, contains four short stories of superheroes and paranormal menace set amid the carnage of the War of the Worlds. 

Stories include: 
In Hoc Signo: In earth's darkest hour comes man's greatest hero, the Signalman 
The Lost Boy: A tale of Fey and Spirits and those left behind 
The Devil to Pay: A cursed western vigilante takes his vengeance on the Martians 
The Lights Go Out: As a new Dark Age descends, the Void Knights rise to ensure man's survival

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