House of Refuge

House of Refuge

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Justin Agnarsson is stationkeeper and lone crewman of South Atlantic House of Refuge #49, a floating sanctuary for the thousands of mariners and seasteading families who live and work in the 350-mile long Plata Raft. Now, war threatens to bring an end to his lifesaving mission as an Argentine warship pursues a pair of refugees to the station. A house of refuge is supposed to be inviolable, but the Argentines are hell-bent on their mission. Alone and virtually defenseless, Agnarsson faces an impossible choice between duty and survival. But when the brutality of war threatens to unravel the fabric of civilization, more than lives are at stake. 

House of Refuge was the second place winner of the 2014 Libertarian Fiction Authors/Students for Liberty Short Fiction Contest. The ebook contains the original short story, plus exclusive bonus artwork and an appendix exploring some of the organizations, locations, and equipment featured in the story. 

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