Second Chance (A Novel of Time Travel)

Second Chance (A Novel of Time Travel)

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What happens when the United Kingdom of 2015 is sent back to 1940, just before the Battle of Britain?  For the British, it's a second chance for power...if the Nazis don't manage to stop them first.

“Why? We’re not at war with Germany.”

“With all due respect, sir, Nazi Germany is at war with us.”

After a night of terror, Britain wakes up to discover that the entire nation has been thrown back in time, to 1940…and the Germans are at the door. As they struggle to react to the new environment, it occurs to some people that there is an opportunity here – to reverse the verdict of history and create a world where Britain is the only superpower.

Forced into a war they won once before, the British struggle to understand what has happened, as the ripples of the sudden change in the future spread across the world. Under threat from Hitler, Mussolini, Japan…and a surprise member of the Axis of Evil, can Britain survive long enough to reshape the world?

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