Big Buck Bunny

Big Buck Bunny

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Big Buck Bunny is a large-hearted rabbit who is bullied by three rodents. Enough is enough, and a hilarious comeuppance ensues.

This iconic film has been condensed to 12 child-friendly words appearing alongside full-colour images of the characters.

Art and culture always build on the past. Whether it's Walt Disney updating fairy tales, or a remix artist mixing together samples to form something new, we need access to a body of existing work to use as part of our self-expression. Modern copyright laws place automatic, long-lasting, tight restrictions on what can be done with artistic works. Free cultural artists intentionally license their work to the public so that we can all benefit from a growing base for future art and culture to be built on.

This book is a work of cultural freedom. Please feel free to share it, or make new things based on it. In fact, this book is only possible because the film it is based on is also a work of free culture!

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A Thanks-for-Ungluing Campaign is running to reward the creators of Big Buck Bunny!

The rights holder, Stephen Paul Weber , has released Big Buck Bunny to the world as a Creative Commons licensed ebook (CC BY-SA) . You can help us say "Thank You!" so that other creators will do the same.

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