General Relativity

General Relativity

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This is a textbook on general relativity for upper-division undergraduates majoring in physics, at roughly the same level as Rindler's Essential Relativity or Hartle's Gravity. The book is meant to be especially well adapted for self-study, and answers are given in the back of the book for almost all the problems. The ratio of conceptual to mathematical problems is higher than in most books. The notational system emphasized most strongly is coordinate-free abstract index notation. Knowledge of first-year calculus and lower-division mechanics and electromagnetism is assumed. Differential equations, linear algebra, and vector calculus are used in various spots, and although it would not be too hard to skip over those spots while understanding the general ideas, the reality is that general relativity is a subject in which a fairly high degree of mathematical maturity will be useful. Special relativity is introduced from scratch, but it will be very helpful to have a thorough previous knowledge of SR, at the level of a book such as Taylor and Wheeler's Spacetime Physics or the author's text Special Relativity.

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