Molecular and Cellular Plant Reproduction

Molecular and Cellular Plant Reproduction

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Plant reproduction is essential not only for producing offspring but also for increasing crop quality and yield. Moreover, plant reproduction entails complex growth and developmental processes, which provide a variety of opportunities for elucidating fundamental principles in biology. The combinational employment of molecular genetic approaches and emerging technologies, such as florescence-based imaging techniques and next generation sequencing, has led to important progresses in plant reproduction using model plants, crops, and trees. This e-book compiles 31 articles, including 1 hypothesis and theory, 4 perspectives, 12 reviews, and 14 original research papers. We hope that this E-book will draw attention of all plant biologists to exciting advances in the field of plant reproduction and help solve remaining challenging questions in the future. We wish to express our appreciation to all the authors, reviewers, and the Frontiers editorial office for their excellent contributions that made the publication of this e-book possible.

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  • embryo and fruit development
  • epigenetics
  • flowering time and flower development
  • gene regulatory networks and live-cell imaging
  • Meiosis
  • Pollen tube growth
  • self-incompatibility and pollination
  • sex determination
  • Sexual and asexual reproduction
  • sterility and floral organ degeneration


DOI: 10.3389/978-2-88945-211-8


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