Priya and the Lost Girls
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Priya continues her adventures with her flying tiger, Sahas. She returns home and discovers all the young women have disappeared in her rural village including her sister, Laxmi. She learns from her parents that they were taken to an underground city called Rahu. Priya searches out for the city and discovers it is run by a demon living in a volcano, who gets his power through fear and entrapment of women in his brothel city. The city used to be a tranquil kingdom run by Manidhari, half-snake and half-woman and her husband, Paatal. But, Rahu tricked them and turned the kingdom into a wasteland and put his servant, Amrit, in charge of luring women and controlling them. Priya has to convince her sister and the other women to leave Rahu and break his spell over them. When the women escape and return home, they face the stigma and prejudices from their own people and family — which angers Priya and leads to a dramatic conclusion.

This work is a sequel of Priya's Mirror.

Priya e le ragazze perdute is a translation of this work.

Priya e as Garotas Perdidas is a translation of this work.

Priya y las chicas perdidas is a translation of this work.

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edition cover


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