Tropical Forest Ecology and Management for the Anthropocene

Tropical Forest Ecology and Management for the Anthropocene

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This Special Issue looks forward as well as backward to best analyze the forest conservation challenges of the Caribbean. This is made possible by 75 years of research and applications by the United States Department of Agriculture, International Institute of Tropical Forestry (the Institute) of Puerto Rico. It transforms Holocene-based scientific paradigms of the tropics into Anthropocene applications and outlooks of wilderness, managed forests, and urban environments. This volume showcases how the focus of the Institute’s programs is evolving to support sustainable tropical forest conservation despite uncertain conditions. The manuscripts showcased here highlight the importance of shared stewardship and a long-term, hands-on approach to conservation, research programs, and novel organizations intended to meet contemporary conservation challenges. Policies relevant to the Anthropocene, as well as the use of experiments to anticipate future responses of tropical forests to global warming, are reexamined in these pages. Urban topics include how cities can co-produce new knowledge to spark sustainable and resilient transformations. Long-term results and research applications of topics such as soil biota, migratory birds, tropical vegetation, substrate chemistry, and the tropical carbon cycle are also described in the volume. Moreover, the question of how to best use land on a tropical island is addressed. This volume is intended to be of interest to all actors involved in long-term sustainable forest management and research in light of the historical lessons and future directions that may come out of a better understanding of tropical cities and forests in the Anthropocene epoch.

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  • ?13C
  • ?15N
  • adaptive management
  • allometry
  • American tropics
  • and N/P ratios
  • annual cycle
  • Anthropocene
  • basal area
  • Biomass
  • C/N
  • C/P
  • Ca/Al relationship
  • caribbean
  • carry over effects
  • cities
  • Climate Change
  • communications
  • Conservation
  • contemporary conservation
  • Disturbance
  • dry tropical forests
  • El Yunque National Forest
  • element concentration
  • element concentration in leaf litter
  • elevation
  • Experiments
  • forest inventory data
  • Forest Service
  • geospatial analyses
  • gradients
  • Guánica
  • humid tropical forests
  • Hurricane
  • idiom of co-production
  • introduced species
  • Invertebrates
  • knowledge co-production
  • knowledge infrastructures
  • knowledge systems
  • knowledge systems analysis
  • land use governance
  • land use planning
  • landscape conservation
  • Large-scale
  • latitude
  • Leadership
  • leaf C and N densities
  • leaf mass per area
  • litter
  • long-term
  • Long-Term Ecological Research
  • Luquillo Experimental Forest
  • manipulations
  • mature forests
  • microbiota
  • n/a
  • N/P ratios
  • naturalized species
  • Nearctic-Neotropical
  • network governance
  • nitrogen fixing trees
  • novel forests
  • photosynthetic nitrogen use-efficiency
  • Puerto Rico
  • secondary forests
  • soil biota
  • soil organic carbon
  • species composition
  • species dominance
  • stoichiometry of leaf litter
  • strategic teams
  • Succession
  • tree plantations
  • Trees
  • tropical
  • tropical agriculture
  • tropical deforestation
  • tropical forest
  • tropical forest area
  • Tropical Forest Conservation
  • Tropical Forest Management
  • Tropical Forestry Research
  • Tropical forests
  • tropical karst
  • U.S. Forest Service Planning Rule
  • Vision
  • volume expansion factors
  • Wood


DOI: 10.3390/books978-3-03921-965-0


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