Social, Technological and Health Innovation: Opportunities and Limitations for Social Policy, Health Policy, and Environmental Policy

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This Research Topic focuses on both strengths and weaknesses of social innovation, technological innovation, and health innovation that are increasingly recognized as crucial concepts related to the formulation of responses to the social, health, and environmental challenges. Goals of this Research Topic: (1) to identify and share the best recent practices and innovations related to social, environmental and health policies; (2) to debate on relevant governance modes, management tools as well as evaluation and impact assessment techniques; (3) to discuss dilemmas in the fields of management, financing, designing, implementing, testing, and maintaining the sustainability of innovative models of delivering social, health and care services; and (4) to recognize and analyze social, technological and health innovation that has emerged or has been scaled-up to respond to crisis situations, for example, a pandemic of the COVID-19 coronavirus disease.

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  • ambient assisted living
  • Assistive Technologies
  • Circular Economy
  • co-creation and co-production
  • co-design
  • COVID-19
  • Design and innovation design
  • digital health
  • Environmental Innovations
  • Environmental policy
  • Future Health and Health Care
  • Governance and Management
  • Green Economy
  • Health Policy
  • information and communication technologies
  • Longevity Economy
  • public trust
  • robotics
  • sharing economy
  • silver economy
  • smart environments
  • Social Economy
  • Social Innovation
  • Social policy
  • sustainability
  • Telecare
  • telehealth
  • Universal design


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