Green eggs and ham

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Green Eggs and Ham is a best-selling and critically acclaimed book by Dr. Seuss, first published on August 12, 1960. As of 2001, according to Publishers Weekly, it was the fourth-best-selling English-language children's book (novel) of all time. The story is told wholly through images and rhyming dialogue. There is no descriptive narrative or analysis. There are two main characters: The first is unnamed (but his image would evolve into Knox from Fox in Socks), the second is named Sam. Throughout the book, Sam tries to encourage the first unnamed character to try green eggs and ham, though he meets with little success. The unnamed character refuses to taste the dish, insisting that he would not like it. Sam then goes through an assortment of locations (house, car, tree, train, box, boat) and dining partners (fox, goat, mouse) trying to persuade the unnamed character to eat. The conclusion of the tale occurs when the unnamed character, standing in shallow water after a boat sinks, surrounded by various people and beasts, finally gives in and tries the green eggs and ham on the condition that Sam leaves him alone. Upon doing so, he realizes that he does, in fact, like green eggs and ham, and would eat them in all the places and with all the dining partners suggested throughout the book. The story closes with the character thanking Sam-I-am for his persistence.

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(May 2, 2013, 3:25 a.m.)
Good luck with this one. Dr. Seuss Enterprises is notorious for ruthlessly enforcing their copyrights.

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