The golden ass



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This is an OCR edition with typos.Excerpt from book: INDEX Achaea, province of, 505 Acheron, 551 Act aeon, 55 Actinm, 309 Adlington, life, viii; English style, viii, ix, xviii; marginal notes, examples of, 412, 444, 492, 511, 51! Adonis, 89, 887 Aedile (clerk of the market), office of, 42 Aegean Sea, 537 Aegina, birthplace of Aristomenes the commercial traveller, 9 Aesculapius, god of medicine, attri- butes, 9 Aetolia, 9; Aristomenes goes to live there, 35 Ajax, madness of, 127; judged in- ferior to Ulysses, 535 Alcimus, one of the leaders of the robbers: how he met his end, 161 !'/. Althea, mother of Meleager, 84i Ambrosia, 282 Antipodes, inhabitants of, 17 Ants, help Psyche to perform her seemingly impossible task of sifting the various kinds of grain, 268; instruments of tor- ture and death, 381 Anubis, the dog-headed god, 557 Apollo, 541; a Greek deity of Ionia, 193; oracle at Miletus, 193, 225; delivers his oracnlar reply in Latin, 195; sings at wedding of Cupid and Psyche, 485 Apollonins, a physician, 403 Apuleius, life, v seq,, xx teq., xxiii; philosophical and reli- gious opinions, vi; works, vi, xx; Latin style, viii, xv Arabian nard, 63; perfumes, 545 Arcadia, birth-place of Mercury, 259; kingdom of Phlnens, 499 Areopagus, 485 Arete, wife of Barbaras, beloved by Philesitherus, 426 Argos, worship orf Juno at, 255 Argus, 85 Aria, 546 Arignotus, brother of the sooth- sayer Dlophanes, 71 Arion, rescued from drowning by a dolphin, 293 Aristides, writer of Milesian Tales, vii Aristomenes, a commercial travel- ler, his story, 9 seq,, 49 Asitiius Marcellus, a priest in the College of the Pastophori, 689 Ass, Lucius transformed in...

L'âne d'or ou les métamorphoses is a translation of this work.

De gouden ezel is a translation of this work.

L'ase D'or is a translation of this work.

Der goldene Esel is a translation of this work.

L'asino, o Le metamorfosi is a translation of this work.

Den gyllene åsnan is a translation of this work.

Metamorfosi is a translation of this work.

Metamorfoosid, ehk, Kuldne eesel is a translation of this work.

O asno de ouro is a translation of this work.

El asno de oro is a translation of this work.

黄金の驢馬 is a translation of this work.

The Golden Ass (Metamorphoses) is a translation of this work.

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