The Wood Beyond the World


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This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: CHAPTER III. WALTER HEARETH TIDINGS OF THE DI OF HIS FATHER. FAST sailed the Katherine over seas, and naught befell to tell either to herself or her crew. She cam one cheaping-town and then to anot and so on to a third and a fourth; am each was buying and selling after the n ner of chapmen; and Walter not ( looked on the doings of his father's 1 but lent a hand, what he might, to 1 them in all matters, whether it were in man's craft, or in chaffer. And the fur he went and the longer the time wore, more he was eased of his old trouble whe his wife and her treason had to do. as for the other trouble, to wit his de and longing to come up with those th The last of it yet flickered before him; and though he had noj gggjj them again as one sees people in the streets, and as if he might touch them if he would, yet were their images often before his mind's eye; and yet, as time wore, not so often, nor so troublously; and forsooth both to those about him and to himself, he seemed as a man well healed of his melancholy mood. Now they left that fourth stead, and sailed over the seas, and came to a fifth, a very great and fair city, which they had made more than seven months from Lang- ton on Holm; and by this time was Walter taking heed and joyance in such things as were toward in that fair city, so far from his kindred, and especially he looked on the fair women there, and desired them, and loved them; but lightly, as befalleth young men. Now this was the last country whereto the Katherine was boun; so there they abode some ten months in daily chaffer, and in pleasuring them in beholding all that there was of rare and goodly, and making merry with the merchants and thegates, and Walter was grown as bt gay as a strong young man is like and was as one who would fain be o account a...

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