The Food of the Gods

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This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: CHAPTER THE THIRD THE GIANT RATS I It was two nights after the disappearance of Mr. Skinner that the Podbourne doctor was out late near Hankey, driving in his buggy. He had been up all night assisting another undistinguished citizen into this curious world of ours, and his task accomplished, he was driving homeward in a drowsy mood enough. It was about two o'clock in the morning, and the waning moon was rising. The summer night had gone cold, and there was a low-lying whitish mist that made things indistinct. He was quite alone?for his coachman was ill in bed?and there was nothing to be seen on either hand but a drifting mystery of hedge running athwart the yellow glare of his lamps, and nothing to hear but the clitter-clatter of his horse and the gride and hedge echo of his wheels. His horse was as trustworthy as himself, and one does not wonder that he dozed. . . . You know that intermittent drowsing as onesits, the drooping of the head, the nodding to the rhythm of the wheels, then chin upon the breast, and at once the sudden start up again. Fitter, litter, patter. ' What was that ?' It seemed to the doctor he had heard a thin shrill squeal close at hand. For a moment he was quite awake. He said a word or two of undeserved rebuke to his horse, and looked about him. He tried to persuade himself that he had heard the distant squeal of a fox?or perhaps a young rabbit gripped by a ferret. Swish, swish, swish,fitter, patter, swish . . . What was that ? He felt he was getting fanciful. He shook his shoulders and told his horse to get on. He listened and heard nothing. Or was it nothing ? He had the queerest impression that something had just peeped over the hedge at him, a queer big head. With round ears ! He peered hard, but he could see nothing. ...

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