Horse Feeding and Management

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Horses perform variety of roles in our society, serving people in several ways. Proper nutrition and feeding management are some of the main objectives to ensure the well-being and performance of horses. Thus, the link between equine health and good dietary treatment must be recognized to increase our understanding of the needs of the horse. It is important to ensure science-based knowledge is available to all stakeholders and people working in the horse industry. This book presents research papers published in the Special Issue of Animals entitled ‘Horse Nutrition and Management’.

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  • Acer spp.
  • alfalfa
  • behaviour
  • Biodiversity
  • Chilean corralero horse
  • colic
  • crude protein
  • dairy equine chain
  • dairy equine management and feeding
  • domestic biodiversity
  • Environment
  • equine
  • equine and equestrian tourism
  • equine atypical myopathy
  • equine grazing
  • equine milk
  • equine work
  • exclosures
  • eyelid twitches
  • faecal water syndrome
  • feed changes
  • feed intake
  • feeding
  • feeding practices
  • fiber
  • fibre
  • flax seed
  • forage maturity
  • free faecal liquid
  • green assets
  • haematology
  • horse
  • horse nutrition
  • Land use
  • Landscape
  • mathematical modeling
  • mean retention time
  • multifunctional review
  • n/a
  • NEFA
  • Nutrition
  • orchardgrass
  • pasture
  • phosphorus loss
  • phosphorus retention
  • phosphorus supplementation
  • rate of passage
  • Risk factors
  • rodeo
  • spontaneous blink rate
  • Standardbred trotters
  • Stress
  • warm-season grass
  • welfare


DOI: 10.3390/books978-3-03928-553-2


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edition cover


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