Mathematics in Software Reliability and Quality Assurance

Mathematics in Software Reliability and Quality Assurance

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This monograph concerns the mathematical aspects of software reliability and quality assurance and consists of 11 technical papers in this emerging area. Included are the latest research results related to formal methods and design, automatic software testing, software verification and validation, coalgebra theory, automata theory, hybrid system and software reliability modeling and assessment.

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  • bisimulation
  • branch coverage
  • checkpointing
  • coalgebra
  • Composition
  • concurrent software systems
  • consensus protocol
  • cross-project prediction
  • data-flows
  • deep learning
  • EM algorithm
  • eventual property
  • feature selection
  • fuzzy automata
  • fuzzy language
  • generalized failure count data
  • genetic algorithm
  • History of engineering & technology
  • human-error factors
  • island-based model
  • long short-term memory
  • Maude
  • maximum likelihood estimation
  • metamorphic relations
  • metamorphic testing
  • Model Checking
  • model-checking
  • moth flame optimization
  • mutation testing
  • Nervos CKB
  • non-homogeneous Poisson process
  • object-oriented
  • optimal rejuvenation-trigger timing
  • Petri net
  • phase expansion
  • project similarity and clustering
  • quality assessment
  • regression testing
  • search-based test case generation
  • software defect prediction
  • software rejuvenation
  • Software Reliability
  • software reliability model
  • specification-based testing
  • steady-state system availability
  • Technology, engineering, agriculture
  • Technology: general issues
  • test data generation
  • textual question answering
  • visual question answering


DOI: 10.3390/books978-3-0365-3800-6


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