unglue (v. t.) 1. To pay an author or publisher for publishing a Creative Commons ebook.
unglue (v. t.) 2. To make a digital book free to read and use, worldwide.
unglue (v. t.) 3. To make it legal for a digital book to be used, distributed, archived and preserved by libraries.
unglue (v. t.) 4. For an author or publisher, to accept a fixed amount of money from the public for its unlimited use of an ebook.
unglue (v. t.) 5. To make your favorite books free to everyone on earth.
unglue (v. t.) 6. To reward authors and publishers for sharing books with the world.
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3 ways we can make ebooks free

Creators make ebooks in EPUB, MOBI, and PDF.
Ungluers love them for doing it.
Creators apply Creative Commons licenses to ebooks.
Ungluers read them at home, at a library, anywhere.
Creators ask downloaders to contribute what they choose.
Ungluers say thank you with their support.
Creators make ebooks in EPUB.
Ungluers love them for doing it.
Creators set a funding goal and a per-copy price.
Ungluers purchase the ebook to advance the campaign.
When the funding goal is met, Creative Commons licenses are automatically applied.
Creators set a funding goal and rewards for supporters.
Ungluers pledge to support the campaign.
When the campaign succeeds, We collect Ungluer pledges.
The ebook is created and rewards are distributed.
Creative Commons licenses are applied.
Ungluers read them at home, at a library, anywhere.


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What? offers a win-win solution to readers, who want to read and share their favorite books conveniently, and rights holders (authors, publishers, etc.), who want to be rewarded for their work.

We run crowdfunding campaigns to raise money for specific, already-published books. When we reach goals set by the rights holders, we'll pay them to unglue their work. They'll issue an electronic edition with a Creative Commons license as specified during the campaign. These licenses will make the edition free and legal for everyone to read, copy, and share, worldwide.

At, book lovers can pledge money to support these campaigns; add books to their wishlist to tell the world about their favorites; discuss their favorite books; share their pages via social media; and find direct links to public domain and unglued ebooks that they can read right away.
As ereaders proliferate, more and more people are enjoying the ereading experience. However, their favorite books may not be available as ebooks. Their ebooks may come with DRM which makes them unreadable on certain devices, and difficult or impossible to lend to friends. Or they may not be able to tell if they have the legal right to use the book as they'd like. The situation is even more challenging for libraries, which cannot acquire some ebooks at all, and can only acquire them under legal terms and DRM restrictions which run counter to library lending.

When books have a clear, established legal license which promotes use, they can be read more widely, leading to enjoyment, scholarship, and innovation. By raising money to compensate authors and publishers up front, encourages the benefits of openness while ensuring sustainability for creators.

For more background, read our president Eric Hellman's thoughts on a public broadcasting model for ebooks (on why the numbers work) and the development of
Who? is a service of Gluejar, Inc. We come from the worlds of entrepreneurship, linked data, physics, publishing, education, and library science, to name a few. You can learn more about us at our about page.
When? launched May 17, 2012.
Gluejar is a New Jersey corporation, but its employees and contractors live and work across North America. The best way to contact us is by email,
What does it cost? is free to join and explore. Supporters pledge money only if they choose to support campaigns, and the amount is up to them. They are charged only if the campaigns reach their goal price. takes a small percentage from successful campaigns, with the remainder going to the author, publisher, or other rights holder.
What's your technology? is built using Python and the Django framework. We use data from the Google Books, Open Library, LibraryThing, and GoodReads APIs; we appreciate that they've made these APIs available, and we're returning the favor with our own API. You're welcome to use it. We use Less to organize our CSS. We process pledges with Amazon Payments. We collaborate on our code at GitHub and deploy to the cloud with Amazon EC2.
How does the license work? Why did you choose this license?
The default license is a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license. This license makes the edition free and legal for everyone to read, copy, and share worldwide. It requires that the author be credited and does not allow commercial use or derivative works (such as film adaptations) without additional permission from the rights holder.

We chose this license because it's a worldwide standard that has been developed by legal experts and tested in court. It invites readers to enjoy the book while providing clarity about their legal rights. It strikes a balance between rights holders' interests in promoting their work today and retaining certain potentially valuable rights for the future.

Creative Commons offers a variety of other licenses, many of them with even less restrictive terms. is happy to use any of them, if the rights holder prefers.
I have more questions...
Please consult our FAQ (sidebar at left); join the site and explore its features for yourself; or email us,

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June 2012
Eric Hellman at Book Expo America.

March 2012
Andromeda Yelton; "The Future of Ebooks" panel at Computers in Libraries.

February 2012
Eric Hellman on the Tools of Change podcast.

November 2011
Eric Hellman, "The Network is Overrated"; talk at Books in Browsers 2011.

June 2011
Eric Hellman explains the Gluejar model to David Weinberger at LOD-LAM 2011.


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