unglue (v. t.) 1. To pay an author or publisher for publishing a Creative Commons ebook.
unglue (v. t.) 2. To make a digital book free to read and use, worldwide.
unglue (v. t.) 3. To make it legal for a digital book to be used, distributed, archived and preserved by libraries.
unglue (v. t.) 4. For an author or publisher, to accept a fixed amount of money from the public for its unlimited use of an ebook.
unglue (v. t.) 5. To make your favorite books free to everyone on earth.
unglue (v. t.) 6. To reward authors and publishers for sharing books with the world.
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Creators make ebooks in EPUB, MOBI, and PDF.
Ungluers love them for doing it.
Creators apply Creative Commons licenses to ebooks.
Ungluers read them at home, at a library, anywhere.
Creators ask downloaders to contribute what they choose.
Ungluers say thank you with their support.
Creators make ebooks in EPUB.
Ungluers love them for doing it.
Creators set a funding goal and a per-copy price.
Ungluers purchase the ebook to advance the campaign.
When the funding goal is met, Creative Commons licenses are automatically applied.
Creators set a funding goal and rewards for supporters.
Ungluers pledge to support the campaign.
When the campaign succeeds, We collect Ungluer pledges.
The ebook is created and rewards are distributed.
Creative Commons licenses are applied.
Ungluers read them at home, at a library, anywhere.

Smashwords +

Are you a Smashwords author? Do you want to unglue your book? You can! Here's how:

Why Unglue Your Book?

As a self-published author, you know that establishing a relationship with your readers is crucial to your success as an Author.

Ungluing campaigns offer ways to earn income while at the same time making your books free. They're a tool for you to reach out to, discover, interact with, and increase your audience while raising the profile of your work. Your unglued book, in turn, becomes an ambassador for the rest of your work.

Rest assured that, when you unglue a book, you retain the copyright. You can choose whichever Creative Commons license serves your interests best, whether that's inviting your fans to remix your work or sharing it widely while reserving certain rights. If a book is unglued via a pledge campaign, you should set the price to zero in the Smashwords admin so as to honor the intentions of your supporters. We encourage you to develop enhanced digital editions to sell alongside the Creative Commons Licensed edition and print versions for sale.

The Fine Print

Don't the Smashwords Terms of Service say that authors can't distribute Meatgrinder files through other channels without special permission?

Yes. You have that permission, courtesy of an agreement between Smashwords and

Where can I learn more about's terms?

Please see our Terms of Service and our FAQ.