For Rights Holders

Claiming Works

How can I claim a work for which I am a rights holder?
On every book page there is a More... tab. If you have a signed Rights Holder Agreement on file, one of the options on the More... tab will be "Claim This Work". If you represent more than one rights holder, choose the correct one for this work and click "Claim".

If the book is not already in or in Google Books, you'll need to enter the metatadata for the book by hand or work with us to load the data from a spreadsheet or Onix file.
  • Use this form to enter the metadata.
  • Your metadata should have title, identifiers, authors, language, description.
  • If you have a lot of books to enter, contact us to load ONIX or CSV files for you.

If you expect to see a "Claim" button and do not, either we do not have a RHA from you yet, or we have not yet verified and filed it. Please contact us at
Where can I find a campaign page?
If you're looking for a specific book, search for it. The book's page becomes a campaign page when its campaign starts. Your bookmarks and widgets for that book will still work.

If you want to find an interesting campaign and don't have a specific book in mind, see the Explore sidebar (on almost any page except the FAQs) for some of our favorites.