Unglued Ebooks

General Questions

So what is an unglued ebook?
An unglued ebook is a book that's added a Creative Commons license, after payments to the author, publisher, or other rights holder.

What does this mean for you? If you're a book lover, you can read unglued ebooks for free, on the device of your choice, in the format of your choice, and share them with all your friends. If you're a library, you can lend them to your patrons with no checkout limits or simultaneous user restrictions, and preserve them however you think best. If you're a rights holder, you get a payments in lieu of further royalties, while retaining copyright and all interests in your work.
Is the unglued ebook edition the same as one of the existing editions?
Not necessarily. Sometimes the existing editions include content that we can't get the rights to include in the unglued ebook, especially cover art or illustrations. Sometimes the unglued ebook edition will have improvements, like copy-editing fixes or bonus features. These differences, if any, will be specified in the More... tab of the campaign page. In addition, unglued ebooks may include acknowledgements of supporters and information on their Creative Commons license.
How much does a book need to earn?
For Pledge and Buy-to-Unglue Campaigns, the author or publisher sets an earnings total for making the book free. Once you and your fellow ungluers raise enough money to meet that price through pledges or spend enough money on paid copies, the unglued ebook becomes available at no charge, for everyone, everywhere! Thanks-for-Ungluing books can be downloaded for free now, but the creators would love to have your support.
Will have campaigns for all kinds of books?
Yes. You choose what books to support.
Does an unglued book have to be out-of-print?
No. Unglued books can be anything in copyright, whether 75 years or 7 days old, whether they sell in paperback or hardcover and or can only be found in used bookstores -- or nowhere. But the copyright owners and any one else with a claim on the book need to agree.
Will help raise funds for books not yet written?
No. There are other crowdfunding sites devoted to the creative process, and we encourage you to investigate them. Once your book is ready to sell as an ebook, we'd love to talk to you.