What are Ungluing Campaigns? has three programs that support ebook creators: Pledge Campaigns, Buy-to-Unglue Campaigns and Thanks-for-Ungluing Campaigns.
  • In a Pledge Campaign, book lovers pledge their support for ungluing a book. If enough support is found to reach the goal (and only then), the supporter's credit cards are charged, and an unglued ebook is released.
  • In a Buy-to-Unglue Campaign, every ebook copy sold moves the book's ungluing date closer to the present. And you can donate ebooks to your local library- that's something you can't do in the Kindle or Apple Stores!
  • In a Thanks-for-Ungluing Campaign, the ebook is already released with a Creative Commons license. Supporters can express their thanks by paying what they wish for the license and the ebook.
We also support distribution and preservation of free ebooks through our growing catalog of free-licensed ebooks.


What are premiums?
Premiums are bonuses people get for supporting a successful Pledge Campaign, to thank them and incentivize them to pledge. If you've ever gotten a tote bag from NPR, you know what we're talking about.
Are premiums required?
No, but they're strongly encouraged for Pledge Campaigns. They are not available for Buy-to-Unglue Campaigns.
Who creates the premiums for each campaign?
The campaign manager (typically the author or publisher of the book).
Is there a minimum or maximum for how much a premium can cost?
There's a $1 minimum and a $2000 maximum.
Do I get a premium for a donation?
No, just the good feeling you get for doing your part.