For Rights Holders

Becoming Authorized

Who is eligible to start a campaign or sell ebooks on
To start a campaign, you need to be a verified rights holder who has signed a Platform Services Agreement with us.
What do I need to do to become an authorized Rights Holder on
Contact our Rights Holder Relations team,, to discuss signing our Platform Services Agreement (PSA), setting a revenue goal, and running a campaign on to release your book under a Creative Commons license, or to raise money for a book you've already released under such a license.
I haven't signed an agreement, but my books are listed on What's going on?
If your book is listed on, it's because an user has indicated some interested in the book. Perhaps your book has been added to a user's favorites list. Users can also use the site to post links to Creative Commons licensed or public domain books. works with non-profit sites such as Internet Archive to improve their coverage and preservation of Creative Commons licensed books.
I didn't give you permission to offer my CC-licensed book for download. Why is it there?
When we don't have an agreement with a rights-holder, our download links lead to sites such as Internet Archive, Project Gutenberg, or Google Books that facilitate this linking and free use of the works by our users. We strive to keep our information accurate, so if the license we report is inaccurate, please let us know immediately. If for some reason you don't want us to provide download links, let us know using the "feedback" tab next to your book's page and we'll make a notation to that effect in our metadata. We may require evidence that you are authorized to act for the rights holders of the book.
Do I need to know the exact titles I might want to unglue before I sign the Platform Services Agreement?
No. You only need to agree to the terms under which you will use to raise money. You can decide which specific titles you wish to make available for licensing later. However, before you start a campaign, you must claim a specific title (through the More... tab of its book page) and plan how you will attract ungluers to pledge toward your goal.
Can I run more than one campaign?
You can run campaigns for as many, or as few, titles at a time as you like.