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I forgot my password. What do I do?
Click on this forgot your password link (you can also find it at the bottom of the sign in page). Enter the email address you use for your account and we'll send you an email to help you reset your password.
I never received an activation email after I signed up, or my activation email isn't working. What do I do?
Check your spam folder for mail from If that doesn't work, Let us know!
How do I connect my LibraryThing accounts? How can I link to my personal web site?
Click on the edit icon: Edit Your Profileat the top right of your user page. (If you're logged in, your profile page is here.) Some new options will appear. You can enter your personal URL and your LibraryThing username here. Make sure to click "Save Settings".
Why should I connect those accounts?
If you connect to LibraryThing, you can import your books there onto your favorites list here, using the My Profile area. And we'll display book-specific and you-specific links to those sites for you.
I don't want to connect my accounts. Do I have to?
How can I change my profile name or password, or the email address associated with my account?
At the bottom of every page there's a link to an account editing page where you can change your profile name, password, and email.
How do I subscribe to, or unsubscribe from, emails I receive from
Make sure you're logged in and go to the Notification Settings page.

If you receive our newsletter, there's a link at the bottom of every message to manage your preferences. If you don't and would like to, you can sign up here.
Is my personal information shared?
Short version: no, except as absolutely required to deliver services you have opted into. If you have pledged to a campaign and are owed a premium, we will share your email with campaign managers so that they can deliver premiums to you; you are not required to share any further information and they are required to comply with our privacy policy in handling your information. We do use third-party providers to support some of our business functions, but they are only allowed to use your information in order to enable your use of the service. For a long, opinionated version of this answer, please read our privacy policy.