Pledge Campaigns

Support the books you've loved and make them free to everyone.
How does this work?
Pledge Campaigns are aimed at books that have already been published and have been read - and loved - by many. At some point they stop selling, except in used bookstores where the creators don't make a dime. A pledge campaign asks those who love the book to pledge their support together with other ungluers to buy out enough rights to make the ebook free. Think of it as a way to make the public domain happen sooner.
What the book I love doesn't have a campaign?
To show the creators of a book that there are people willing to support it, just "Fave" the book. If enough people show their support in this way, the creators will take notice. They may even offer "premiums" to encourage you to pledge!
How do I pledge?
When the creators of a book have been persuaded to launch a campaign, there will be a "Support" button on the book's page. You'll be asked to select your premium and specify your pledge amount; choose how you'd like to be acknowledged, if your pledge is $25 or more; and enter your credit card information.
When will I be charged?
In most cases, your account will be charged by the end of the next business day after a Pledge Campaign succeeds. If a campaign doesn't succeed, you won't be charged.
What if I want to change or cancel a pledge?
You can modify your pledge by going to the book's page and clicking on the "Modify Pledge" button. (The "Support" button you clicked on to make a pledge is replaced by the "Modify Pledge" button after you pledge.)
What happens to my pledge if a Pledge Campaign does not succeed?
Your credit card will only be charged when campaigns succeed. If they do not, your pledge will expire and you will not be charged.
How will I be recognized for my support?
Pledgers are indicated on the book's page. In addition, when ungluing campaigns are successful, you'll be acknowledged in the unglued ebook as follows:
  • $25+ // Your name under "supporters" in the acknowledgements section.
  • $50+ // Your name and link to your profile page under "benefactors"
  • $100+ // Your name, link, and a dedication of your choice (140 characters max) under "bibliophiles"
Can people contribute anonymously?
Yes. Anonymous donors are included in the total count of supporters, but their names and links are not included in the acknowledgements.
If I have pledged to a suspended or withdrawn Pledge Campaign, what happens to my pledge?
Your pledge will time out according to its original time limit. If the campaign is resolved and reactivated before your pledge has timed out, your pledge will become active again. If the campaign is not reactivated before your pledge's time limit, your pledge will expire and you will not be charged. As always, you will only be charged if a campaign is successful, within its original time limit.
Is my contribution tax deductible?
If the campaign manager for the work you're supporting is a nonprofit, please contact them directly to inquire. cannot offer tax deductions.