For Rights Holders


What parameters are required for a campaign?
For a Pledge Campaign, you'll need to set funding goal and deadline. For a Buy-to-Unglue Campaign, you'll need a revenue goal and an initial effective date for the Creative Commons License. You'll also need to set prices for each type of license you plan to offer. For a Thanks-for-Ingluing campaign, you just need to decide on a suggested contribution.
Can I change my funding/revenue goal?
While a campaign is in progress you may lower, but not raise, your funding or revenue goal.
Can I change my deadline in a Pledge Campaign?
Can I change the price for an ebook I'm offering for purchase?
Are contributions refundable? contributions are non-refundable. Once a campaign succeeds, supporters' credit cards will be charged the full amount of their pledge. However, they will not be charged until, and unless, the campaign succeeds. Before that time they may modify or cancel their pledges without charge. Buy-to-Unglue license purchases are not returnable or refundable by, but rights holders need to keep customers happy with respect to the products they buy, as customers are free to post comments on the work page. Donations are not refundable.
What if an ungluer contests a charge?
Ungluers may contest charges, either with the payment processor or with their credit card issuer. is not liable for this and rights holders are liable for any pledge chargebacks. We encourage rights holders to provide clear, timely communication to their supporters throughout the campaign to ensure they remember what they pledged to and why.
What happens if a supporter's credit card is declined?
Although credit cards are authorized at the time of pledging, a small percentage of cards will get voided between the time of authorization and the time the credit card is actually charged. Rights holders are responsible for any funding shortfall due to voided credit cards.
What happens if a buyer wants a refund?
Our policy is for 100% supporter satisfaction. We may hold back a 30% reserve for 90 days to cover possible customer refunds.
Can I offer tax deductions to people who pledge to my campaign?
If you are a 501(c)3 or similar, please consult your own attorneys and accountants about the tax deductibility of ungluers' pledged. Donations to the Free Ebook Foundation are tax deductible in the USA; rights holders are not involved.
How do I know when I have started fundraising? will be in communication with you about when campaigns should go live. On your rights holder tools page, you will be able to see all works you have claimed and the status of any associated campaigns.
When and how will I be paid?
  • For Pledge Campaigns: After we reach the threshold price will issue you a closing memo, which will cover your gross and net proceeds. will hold the proceeds until you deliver an EPUB file meeting's quality standards, at which point will send you a check. If does not receive a suitable EPUB file within 90 days, we will deduct conversion costs from your funds and release the rest to you.
  • For Buy-to-Unglue Campaigns and Thanks-for-Ungluing Campaigns: We make payments quarterly to rights holders who have accrued more than $100 in earnings. If we are able to set you up with ACH transfers, we will send payments more frequently. 70% of earnings accrue immediately; the rest accrues after 90 days.
What happens if my campaign reaches its funding goal before its deadline? Can campaigns raise more money than their goal?
Campaigns are scheduled to close at midnight Eastern (US) time of the day when they hit their funding threshold. They may continue to accrue pledges/sales up to that time, including funding past their goal.
What happens if my Pledge Campaign doesn't reach its funding goal by its deadline?
The campaign ends. Supporters' credit cards are not charged, so you are not paid and not obligated to release an unglued ebook.

If you're concerned a campaign may not reach its goal you have several options. You can lower the target price to a level more likely to succeed. Or you are welcome to run a second campaign at a later time, perhaps with a different goal, duration, and publicity strategy. We'd be happy to consult with you about this.
What happens if my Buy-to-Unglue Campaign doesn't reach its revenue goal by its termination?
Every sale moves a books ungluing date towards the present, and the ungluing date achieved survives the termination of your Buy-to-Unglue Campaign.
Is there a minimum funding goal?
Yes, the minimum funding goal is $500.
What fees does charge in a Fundraising Campaign?
Fees and terms for each type of campaign are detailed on the program terms page.
Does it cost money to start a campaign on
Will I receive a 1099-K tax form?
Yes, will issue you one as required by law.