Unglued Ebooks

Using Your Unglued Ebook

What can I do, legally, with an unglued ebook? What can I not do?
All unglued ebooks are released under a Creative Commons or other free license. The rights holder chooses which license to apply. Books that we distribute in a Buy-to-Unglue Campaign have creative commons licenses, but the effective date of these licenses is set in the future.

Creative Commons licenses mean that once the license is effective you can: make copies; keep them for as long as you like; shift them to other formats (like .mobi or PDF); share them with friends or on the internet; download them for free.

Under NC (non-commercial) licenses, you cannot: sell unglued ebooks, or otherwise use them commercially, without permission from the rights holder.

Under ND (no derivatives) licenses, you cannot: make derivative works, such as translations or movies, without permission from the rights holder;

Under all CC licenses (except CC0), you cannot: remove the author's name from the book, or otherwise pass it off as someone else's work; or remove or change the CC license.
Are the unglued ebooks compatible with my device? Do I need to own an ereader, like a Kindle or a Nook, to read them?
Unglued ebooks are distributed with NO RESTRICTIVE DRM, so they'll work on Kindle, iPad, Kobo, Nook, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux... you get the idea. Whether you have an ereader, a tablet, a desktop or laptop computer, or a smartphone, there are reading apps that work for you.
Do I need to have a library card to read an unglued ebook?
No. (Though we hope you have a library card anyway!)

If your library has bought an ebook as part of a Buy-to-Unglue Campaign, you may need your library card if you want to borrow them.
How long do I have to read my "buy-to-unglue" ebook? When does it expire?
If you're reading a "buy-to-unglue" book purchased by a library, your borrowing license expires after 2 weeks. But otherwise there's no expiration. And you delete the file on the honor system.

If you're reading a "buy-to-unglue" book you've purchased , you may keep it as long as you like. There's no need to return it, and it won't stop working after some deadline. You own it.

If you're reading a book that's been unglued, you can keep the file forever AND you can make copies for friends.
Can I download ebooks directly from
If you've purchased an ebook from, you'll by able to download it through the website. All formats are included (where available), and you can download the ebooks for your personal use as many times as you need to. provides links to download thousands of previously unglued books, creative commons licensed books, and public domain ebooks. You don't need our permission to host these free ebooks on your own site, but you must abide by the book's license terms