For Rights Holders

Ebook Conversion

I am a copyright holder. Do I need to already have a digital file for a book I want to unglue?
For a Buy-to-Unglue Campaign, yes, you'll need to upload an EPUB file for each book. For Pledge Campaigns, no, you may run campaigns for books that exist only in print copies or are out of print. Any print book can be scanned to create a digital file that can then become an EPUB-format unglued ebook. For Thanks-for-Ungluing campaigns, you can use EPUB, MOBI, pdf and html files.
Will scan books and produce EPUB files?
No. We can help you find third parties who will contract for conversion services.
Will raise money to help pay for conversion costs?
A Pledge campaign target should include conversion costs. For a Buy-to-Unglue and Thanks-for-Ungluing campaigns, you'll need to have pre-existing files.
What are the requirements for my ebook files?
  • For Thanks-For-Ungluing Campaigns, the rightsholder is responsible for providing valid, high-quality EPUB, MOBI, and PDF files.
  • For Buy-To-Unglue Campaigns and Pledge Campaigns ebook files should use the EPUB standard format format according to best practice at time of submission. At minimum, the files should pass the epubcheck tool. Exceptions will be made for content requiring more page layout than available in prevailing EPUB implementations; in those cases, the files will usually be PDF.
  • The file should have no more than 0.2 typographical or scanning errors per page of English text.
  • The file shall contain front matter which includes the following:
    • a list of ISBNs of other editions of the work
    • For Pledge Campaigns only
      1. the Creative Commons license selected for the campaign, formatted in accordance with best practices at, and a statement that for the purposes of the license, "Non-Commercial" use shall include, but not be limited to, the distribution of the Work by a commercial entity without charge.
      2. an acknowledgement of Ungluers of the work, formatted in accordance with the premium descriptions on the Campaign page.
      3. The logo
      4. the text “CC edition release enabled by users” (including the hyperlink to the site)
    • For Buy-To-Unglue Campaigns, the platform will embed a personalized licensed statement into front matter for each delivered file
  • The cover graphic shall match any description given in the Campaign.
  • Any graphics which must be excluded from the released ebook shall be specified in the description given in the campaign.