For Rights Holders

Running Campaigns

What do I need to create a campaign?
First, you need to be an authorized rights holder with a signed Platform Services Agreement on file. Please contact to start this process. Once we have your PSA on file, you'll be able to claim your works and you'll have access to tools for launching and monitoring campaigns. We'll be happy to walk you through the process personally.
Can I unglue only one of my books? Can I unglue all of them?
Yes! It's entirely up to you. Each Campaign is for a individual title and a separate fundraising parameters.
Can I raise any amount of money I want?
You can set any goal that you want in a Campaign. But don't be ridiculous! cannot guarantee that a goal will be reached.
What should I include in my campaign page?
Show the world why we should love your book. What makes it powerful, intriguing, moving, thought-provoking, important? How does it capture readers' imaginations, engage their minds, or connect to their emotions? Remind readers who loved the book why they loved it, and give people who haven't read it reasons they want to.

Pledge Campaigns

What should I offer as premiums for a Pledge Campaign?
Anything you think will get ungluers excited about supporting your work. Think about things that uniquely represent yourself or the work, that are appealing, and that you can deliver quickly and within your budget. For example, authors could consider offering Skype sessions as premiums for libraries or schools that might want to plan an event around the unglued book. And, of course, physical or digital editions of your other books are always popular.
What can be offered as a premium? What items are prohibited as premiums?
You can offer anything you are capable of delivering, so long as it is not illegal or otherwise restricted in the United States. For instance, your premiums may not include alcohol, drugs, or firearms. For full details, consult our Terms of Use.
Who is responsible for making sure a rights holder delivers premiums?
The rights holder.
How can I get my supporters' information (mailing address, T-shirt size, etc.) to fulfill premiums? will share supporters' emails and the premiums they are owed with rights holders if, and only if, a campaign succeeds. Campaign managers can also message supporters via the website. If you need additional information to fulfill premiums, you may email ungluers directly. Rights holders are required to comply with the privacy policy.
How can supporters contact me?
If you'd like supporters to contact you directly, please set your contact email address in the campaign management area.
What is my responsibility for answering questions from supporters and non-supporters?
It's up to you. However, our experience watching and running crowdfunding campaigns suggests that you'll do best if you're engaged, prompt, and personable. In fact, don't just think in terms of answering questions (though you should absolutely do that) -- think about cultivating and contributing to the conversation.