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How can I contact
For support requests, use our feedback form. For general inquiries, use our Ask Questions Frequently account, For rights inquiries, Media requests,
Who is
We are a small group that believes strongly that ebooks can make the world richer in new and diverse ways, and that we all benefit from the hard work of their creators. We come from the worlds of entrepreneurship, linked data, physics, publishing, education, and library science, to name a few. You can learn more about us at our about page or our supporter profiles: Eric Hellman, Amanda Mecke and Raymond Yee. Our alumni include Luc Lewitanski and Andromeda Yelton.
Are you a non-profit company?
Yes. is a program of the Free Ebook Foundation, which is a not-for-profit corporation. We work with both non-profit and commercial partners.
Why does exist?
Because legal stickiness means you can't reliably lend or share your ebooks, borrow them from the library, or read them on the device of your choice. Because -- like public radio -- ebooks are expensive to create but cheap to distribute, so covering their fixed costs and reasonable profit up front can be an appealing system for authors, publishers, readers, and libraries. Because we all have books we love so much we want to give them to the world.